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Year 6

We will cover many areas of the curriculum through the theme of 'Stop, Look & Listen' over the course of this term. 

Within our Literacy we will write newspaper reports and produce radio news broadcasts, which will support our I.C.T.  We will also write poems and our biography.  Within Religious Education we are going to respond to the natural world and how we can care for and respect the environment.  In History we are going to research transport and communication, research famous people writing their autobiographies.  We will study M.C.Escher in art and create our own pictures inspired by his tessellating images, we will also link our art with the R.E making claendars for 2010.  Our science will be based around light and sound, circuits and investigating materilals and their properties.  For Design and Technology we are going to make periscopes and junk musical instruments. Our Physical Education will see us taking part in rugby, ice-skating, dance and athletics - phew!! 

Will also be visitng Ely Cathedral, taking part in our Harvest Festival and Christmas Concert.  We will also be joining with Year 5 Winchester and have the opportunity to go on a weeks residential.         

If you have any artefacts, resources, skills or feel you could help in anyway please don't be shy - let us know.