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Year 5

This term our school topic is Stop, Look, Listen, which is a science based topic.

Although this is part of the creative curriculum, we will be studying different subject areas related to the topic.

Literacy – We will be looking at the life of Evelyn Glennie who is a deaf percussionist.  We will also be looking at the history of The Highway Code and making some signs and symbols of our own.

Science – as this is a science based topic we will be doing quite a lot of science this term, we will be looking at senses, light and shadows, sound and pitch and insulating materials.

History – parts of this will be linked to literacy and our work on the Highway Code. We will also look at traffic lights, cats eyes, telescopes and binoculars.

ICT – the children will be learning to do power point presentations. This will link with the terms topic and the children will also use what they have learnt to give a presentation to parents about their residential trip to Kingswood.

DT – we will be making percussion instruments and hopefully (fingers crossed) periscopes.

Music – percussion and rhythmic patterns as well as a wide variety of songs. This will be taught by Mrs Mitchell and I will endeavour to be her glamorous assistant.

RE – We will be studying Christianity – The Bible as a Book.

PE – Our outdoor games will be rugby and we will do gym in our indoor session.

PHSE – We will be following SEALs – New Beginnings.

As you can see we will be having a very busy term!