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Year 4


Stop, Look and Listen

This term we are focusing all of our learning around the theme of Stop, Look and Listen to ensure that the learning taking place is purposeful and enjoyable. We are very excited about this topic as there are lots of different fun and exciting activities that can be incorporated within it. Take a look below to see what we have got planned this half term.

Launch day

We have a Launch day on Thursday 10th September which will involve the whole school and many different outside agencies. The children will take part in a series of activities organised by both the staff at Stanground St Johns and organisations such as the St Johns Ambulance service and man6y more.

  • Science

In science this half-term we are learning about friction.

  • History/D & T

In history we are going to be learning about the history of transport, leading to us making our own modes of transport in design and technology.

  • ICT

In ICT this half-term we are going to be learning how to use Microsoft Word effectively, as this is a necessary skill which will help us in the following terms. ICT is a subject that is also integrated across all other curriculum areas and forms part of daily teaching sessions.

  • Religious Education (RE)

Our R.E topic this term is 'beginnings and endings', with a focus on Baptisms and Funerals.

If you have any photos of your child's baptism and would be happy to share them with the class, we would love to see them.

  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Our PSHE topic this term is 'new beginnings'. We will be thinking about what we can do to make others feel welcome and happy at school, with a focus on how we behave towards others.

  • Physical education (P.E)

We are very lucky this term as we have an outside agency coming in to school to teach us football this half-term.

We will also be taking part in gymnastics lessons, exploring interesting ways of balancing on different parts of our body. The children will love this part as it means we can get all of the equipment out and have lots of fun together.

  • Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Our chosen language in Year 4 is French and our focused learning this half term is 'All about me'. We will be learning how to greet each other and introduce ourselves in French and much, much more. There are lots of exciting things in store.

If you have any skills or resources which you would like to share with our class, please feel free to get involved. You are welcome anytime.