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Year 2


This will be our theme for the term and after a successful launch as a whole school on Tuesday January 12th with visits from a Roman soldier and an Anglo Saxon warrior, the children are keen to learn about some of the early invaders.Cambridge are studying the Anglo Saxons, who settled in the area around East Anglia.

Within the classroom, we will be finding out about how some of the local places got their names and the meanings of these. We are also finding out about life in the Anglo Saxon village. A museum has been set up in the classroom with the children making artefacts and this area will be used to extend and support their learning. They have also used their knowledge of place value and comparing numbers to order events in this period on a timeline.

Already the children have enjoyed using the new laptops and have become very competent in logging on independently and using search engines to find out information. They have also used a publishing package to produce pages for a class story based on Jack and the Beanstalk.