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Visit from Anglo Saxons!

A Visit from Ethel!

Last Friday, March 12th, Cambridge class had a special visitor – an Anglo Saxon lady called Ethel. She told them about the gods that were worshipped and how these gave the days of the week their names. She also explained about the different worlds, linked to the afterlife, about which some of the children were very knowledgeable. (Computer games have something to answer for!)

They were also taught about what the warriors wore and how they would go into battle. The girls were quite pleased to know that they could have fought as well and would have been known as shield maidens! They also enacted going into battle using the Anglo Saxon chants.

It was a fantastic session and the children’s knowledge amazed me as they were able to tell Ethel so much about Anglo Saxon life that they already knew. This topic “Who Came First?” has certainly gripped their interest and imagination.