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The Tempest

"The Tempest" by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and spent his life in Stratford upon Avon and in London. The Tempest dates from 1610/11 and is generally accepted to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote. Thematically it belongs with the group of plays termed the ‘Romances’.


6th July  2020 Week 6: The Final part - Resoulutions and Farewells

Part 6



  • Monday: Watch Part 6- Resolutions and farewells
    Literacy Reading Comprehension
  • Tuesday:​​​​ 100 Word Challenge
    There are 2 things you're going to need for todays literacy activity :
    1 The 100 word challenge TASK
    2 The 100 word challenge PLANNING

    Science/DT - Design an boat
  • Wednesday:
    Literacy Grammar Exercise  - Pronouns
    Literacy Punctuation Exercise -  Apostrophes in contractions
    Science  Build a soap powered boat!
  • Thursday:
    Literacy  Update character list
    Literacy Extras - Wordsearch and Crossword

  • Friday: It's your turn again.Remember to include the following events:

  • Using all the other work you’ve done this week, re-write ‘Act 5’
    1. Prospero and Ariel bringing everyone together and forgiveness triumphing over revenge
    2. Prospero setting Ariel and Caliban free
    3. Prospero getting rid of his spell book and magic staff

    Hopefully this means you will now have a complete retelling of The Tempest, in your own words. If you can, put them altogether and illustrate to make your own book.


BBC Music - The TempestKS2 Music: The Tempest - BBC Teach

The content for "The Tempest" is structured on the eight songs to learn.
Each song appears on its own dedicated page and includes the following resources:

  • Part 1 - Rock the ship
    Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, live in a cave on a desert island but they weren't born there. Once Prospero had been the Duke of Milan but twelve years ago he and Miranda were cast out to sea in a leaky boat full of holes. They were meant to die, but who would want to kill them?
  • Part 2 - Set me free
    Prospero has some explaining to do! Miranda wants to know why he's almost killed the passengers of a passing ship. Meanwhile Ariel is feeling moody - yearning for the day, long promised, when Prospero will set him free.

  • Part 3 - Full fathom five
    Prospero and Ariel - both invisible - travel around the island to inspect those washed ashore. The first group - the courtiers - are bickering and King Alonso believes his son, Ferdinand, to be dead. Elsewhere on the island Ferdinand is actually alive, but believes his father to have drowned
  • Part 4 - Toledo steel
    King Alonso of Naples and his old advisor, Gonzalo, are asleep. Antonio (who is Prospero's brother) and Sebastian (who is Alonso's brother) are awake and plotting to kill them - with Toledo steel!

  • Part 5 - Barracuda
    Prospero's slave creature, Caliban, meets up with comedy duo Trinculo and Stephano. It's not long before the three of them are planning to kill Prospero and take over the island, with Stephano dreaming of marrying Miranda...
  • Part 6 - Brave new world
    Miranda and Ferdinand meet and fall hopelessly in love. Miranda is the most beautiful woman Ferdinand has ever seen. Ferdinand is the...only man Miranda has ever seen (apart from her dad, Prospero, of course).
  • Part 7 - Spellbound
    Prospero's enemies are in his power, but he is full of questions. Should they be punished or forgiven? Perhaps it is time to bring his plans to a close and to return home to Milan once more.
  • Part 8 - Sea change
    The finale. Will Ariel now be free? Will Antonio get what he deserves? Will Ferdinand and Alonso finally be reunited? Will Ferdinand and Miranda marry? What of Caliban? And will Prospero return home, Duke of Milan once more?