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School Council & Pupil Voice

At Stanground St Johns we are now part of the Smarter School Councils programme. This means that all the children in the school are on the ‘school council’ and the interests, skills and enthusiasm of everyone in the school is valued. Our Smart School Council is made up of 3 parts:

Class Meetings: giving every pupil a voice. These are held every week in class, with a different question or view for the class to discuss. Each week a different child leads the meeting and another takes the notes. The results from these meetings are then followed up by the Communication Team and Action Teams.

Communication Team: Made up of children from year 5 and 6, each having different roles in keeping the smart school council running and everyone involved and informed.

Action teams: letting everyone lead change. Anyone can start or join an Action Team and these action teams are run by the children on a passion or interest of their choosing. It can be related to something in school or can be an outside interest. This gives all children a chance to be leaders and organisers, giving them a sense of responsibility and a feeling of worth.

Please talk to your children about the smarter school council and the ideas they may have.