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Reception class

This term is a very busy one for the children in Peterborough Class. They will consolidate their knowledge of sounds and blends in reading and spelling words, revise letter names and practice reading and spelling those tricky words, which are essential to their progress as independent readers and writers. They will also be progressing onto reading and spelling words containing adjacent consonants, e.g tent/ crab. They will also be attempting writing for a variety of purposes e.g letter writing, and exploring non fiction books.

The children's targets for Literacy are:

Must: write own name & begin to use their phonic knowledge to write simple regular words

Should: begin to form caption and simple sentences, sometimes using capital letters and full stops.

Could: Communicate meaning through phrases and simple sentences with some consistency in punctuating sentences.

In Numeracy, the children will again be consolidating their previously learning on numbers to 10, flat shapes, pattern, and addition. We will be progressing onto leaning about solid shapes, leaning to count, recognise and order numbers to 20 ands write numbers accurately to 10 and beyond. The children will also be given the opportunity to solve problems and challenges by applying mathematical ideas and methods. Additionally, the children will learn about subtraction and relate it to 'taking away'

The children's targets for Numeracy are:

Must: find 1 less than a number from 1-5

Should: use the vocabulary involved in subtracting and find a number 1 less than a number form 1-10

Could: understand subtraction as 'taking away' & subtract a one digit number form a one digit number.

Our theme for this term is 'Splish, splash splosh' and this half term we are doing a mini topic within this theme, on 'PIRATES'. This will culminate with a PIRATES DAY during the last week of this term, with the children being asked to dress up as pirates for the day and engage in fun activities e.g treasure hunt!! Get thinking about those costumes now!!!!!!

SO, all in all a very busy term for the children ( and staff!!!) but one which we hope will be enjoyable and rewarding.