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A Gem of a Story
Diamonds, rubies, sapphires; all priceless and beautiful gems but how are they made and where are they found? You can visit virtual galleries of gems, minerals and geology, see the exhibits and read all about them.

A Plus Math
Stuck with your maths homework? This website injects a little fun into maths, covering basic elements as well as geometry and algebra. Visit the games room and play bingo, the hidden picture game and the concentration exercise

A. Pintura: Art Detective
Play a 1940's detective with a degree in art history. A distraught woman asks you to identify some paintings she's found in her grandpa's attic. But first, you must research famous artists like Van Goch and Gaugin.

Amusement Park Physics
Are you too afraid to go on a roller coaster in case you fall out? This site explains the physics of amusement park rides and shows what gravitational forces are at work. You can even design your own roller coaster; will it be a runaway success or a bumpy ride?

This educational site explores the art of construction in a style suitable for young children. Normal and obscure feats of architectural wizardry are surveyed from simple buildings to Buddhist temples.

Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia on-line.

NASA Home Page
The official NASA web site containing vast amount of information.

On Line Dictionary
A great on-line spelling and word related site.

Views of the Solar System
An excellent site relating to our solar system with lots of images and information.