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  • Mrs Sally Williams - Headteacher 

    Mrs Sally Williams is part of the Governing body as Headteacher of Stanground St. John's Primary School. 

  • Mrs Alison Sheridan - Deputy Headteacher  

    Mrs Alison Sheridan is part of the Governing body as Deputy Headteacher. 

    I have been teaching at Stanground St John's for 24 years, from EYFS to year 3. I am now teaching children of children I have taught and feel very privileged. I can't imagine teaching anywhere else. 

  • Mr Paul Lewis - Chair of Governors 

    Why I became a Governor

    I became a Governor at Stanground St. John’s to help ensure the school is performing to its full potential.

    I wish to help set the aims and objectives for the school, along with the policies and targets that will help us achieve those aims.

    I wish to see Stanground St. John’s continuing to grow and develop as a facility of not only academic success, but also as a focal point in our community that instils the virtues, morals and ethos, based on respect, integrity, service and excellence, that will see our children going forward as shining examples of the best of our community.

    I am passionate about helping future generations grow into a society that has a mutual respect for all, whilst striving to be the best an individual can be. To help Stanground St. John’s to Aspire, Empower and Excel, would not only be beneficial to my 2 children at the school, but to my community and society as a whole.


    My wife is Chair of Friends of SSJ, we both share a passion to help the school as much as possible.


    I am a father of 4, and a Sargent in the Royal Air Force, currently based at RAF Waddington near Lincoln. I have been in the RAF since 1996. I have been fortunate to spend much of my career traveling to many countries around the world, including several operational tours.  I have had the pleasure to call Stanground home for the last 10 years, and now I am in a role and location that allows me to spend more time at home, I have the ability to give back to the community that has welcomed me with open arms.

    In my spare time, I enjoy scuba diving, walking, camping and spending time with my family making memories

  • Mrs Claire Smith - Governor 

    Why I became a Governor:

    I am not from an educational background and therefore wanted to gain an insight into how schools work and the many challenges around the sector. As a parent of two children attending SSJ, I wanted to acquire a better understanding of my children’s education and the work of teachers and school leaders. Being a school Governor enables me to become aware of the types of challenges schools face which in turn enables me (and the wider governing body) to positively influence the lives of our children at SSJ.

    Role & Responsibilities:

    Chair of Governors


    Volunteer for the Friends of Stanground St John's


    I am an Ecologist – surveying for Badgers, Bats and Newts – advising clients for proposed developments.  In my spare time, when not entertaining my children, I love baking and trying out new recipes.

  • Mrs Patricia Diviney - Vice Chair of Governors 

    Why I became a Governor:

    I was asked if I wanted to become a Governor and after giving it some thought I decided to give it a try.  I went to a couple of meetings before deciding it was something I would like to get involved in.

    Role and Responsibilites:

    I am a Foundation Governor and also Vice-Chair of Governors.


    I am treasurer of our two local Churches, St John's and St Michael's where I also help with the Sunday Friends Sunday School.  I also enjoy reading and cooking.


    I am married with three grown up daughters and six grandchildren, one of whom attends this School and one who used to attend this School but has just moved on to secondary education.  I am retired but previously worked in the finance sector in either banking, accountancy, or for my sins, the Inland Revenue.



  • Mrs Harriet Youngs - School Governor 

    Why I became a Governor:

    I became a Governor because I have always had an interest in education.  I work within the education sector, but wanted more of an understanding on what goes on "behind the scenes" and having putting this interest and my knowledge into practice.  I wanted to put a personal contribution towards continual improvement of Stanground St John's. I want to always try to look at issues and decisions from the point of view of the parents/carers/families   As a parent Governor I am not representing individual parent's points of view – its about making sure that parent/carer perspectives (however diverse) are always considered.

    Role & Responsibilities:

    I am a parent Governor and, I am also the SEN and Child Protection/Safeguarding link.


    I have 2 daughters Emily (11) and Annie (8). I have lived in Stanground for 9 years.  I have worked within the education sector for the past 14 years   I have been working mainly in Secondary schools working with children with special needs, and have a keen interest in this area and am always looking at expand my knowledge.  My main interests outside of work are mainly set around my family and friends.  We as a family like to go to watch my husband race in Motocross around the country, spending valuable weekends socializing with our extended family and friends.  My other interest is Jasper our family dog who can usually be seen on neighbourhood watch duty in our front room most days.  He enjoys spending long days and evenings walking (and swimming).

  • Mr Andrew Johnson - School Governor 

    Why I became a Governor:

    I share strong Christian values and wanted to get more involved in our amazingly vibrant and diverse community.  I felt my skills and experience could make a difference and wanted to make a contribution.  This is currently my first governorship and although a big commitment, thus far an equally rewarding one.

    Role & Responsibilities:

    General Member of the Local Governing Body for Stanground St Johns Church of England Primary School.

    I am the link Governor for Health and Safety. 

    Currently and previously a member of several government and finance industry related working groups informing future public policy and awareness.

    Member of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Personal Finance Society (PFS)


    I am currently being sponsored by my employer to study for several regulated financial examinations in my spare time. I also have a keen interest in table tennis, football and tennis having previously played for a few clubs.


    My background has mainly been within financial services in retail, corporate and investment banking.  Currently working for a statutory government body with links to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT), I help inform future public financial policy to protect consumers from financial detriment.  I am often quoted in the financial press as a Financial Money Expert on several finance related subjects.