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At Stanground St John's Primary School Teachers, Subject Leaders and Senior Leader have all made choices in carefully planning our curriculum.

We have developed an ambitious, progression curriculum model where knowledge is specified, well-sequenced and taught to be remembered.  From Early Years to Year 6 knowledge builds on knowledge.

Knowledge and skills progress and build across year groups and across the school. Our curriculum starts in EYFS. Foundational knowledge is planned in Reception and is built on in later learning through Key Stage 1 & 2. There is a clear, sequential order of specified knowledge. Our long-term plan shows the structure of learning, where it will be taught and in which year group and how it has been sequenced to remember from Reception to Year 6.

We make our curriculum relevant to our pupils in our school in many ways:

  • Our Reception teachers quickly and systematically assess the specific starting points of our pupils on entry to Reception;
  • Our curriculum within school takes note of this and ensures we plan for our pupils from the moment they start school in Early Years;
  • We make our curriculum relevant to our pupils in our location by our choices of significant individuals that we study from our locality that link to our units of learning; 
  • We carefully consider which visits or visitors take place e.g. we visit the Houses of Parliament in Year 4 as part of our Rule of Law unit; We welcome visits from world religions e.g. the Muslim Foundation (as well as weekly visits from our Christian church leaders) to widen our pupils tolerance and understanding as part of British Values and Religious Education.
  • We plan these visits carefully and with thought to link to a unit of work pupils are studying, have studied or will study in the future.

In Religious Education, we follow Understanding Christianity and the Emmanuel Project.

More information can be found within our Curriculum pages and in our Curriculum policy (currently awaiting Governor ratification and publication).