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Britain Needs You!

Launch day

On Thursday 9th September the children were brought together in the school hall and listened on the wireless to the broadcast from Neville Chamberlain declaring that Britain was at war with Germany. The children were told that they would need to be evacuated to the countryside the very next day for their own safety. This was the start of our launch to Britain Needs You!

On Friday morning the children and staff at Stanground St Johns arrived at school dressed ready for the evacuation and they stepped back in time to 1939 for a day of wartime activities.

The children got to make gas mask boxes and learn the importance of carrying them with them at all times, they also got to make a ration book and see just how little food would have been available to them during the war. The children wrote letters and postcards home telling of their adventures of their evacuation. The children then got to make identity cards, small suitcases and lists of clothing that they would have taken with them when they had been evacuated. The children made train tickets and cheese sandwiches wrapped in baking parchment to recreate the kind of food they would have been packed with while on their train journey.