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Abrokyire School, Ghana - building project

Saturday March 2nd 2013

We heard from Francis, the link teacher in  Abrokyire, that work has started on the classroom for the KG1 and KG2 children. 40 bricks were laid midweek and another 400 were expected to be laid by this weekend. Before they could start work, they had to make arrangements for water to be brought from the village, so that they could mix the cement.

The existing building was started using funds that the parents in the village had raised or made available: considering that they are a poor farming community, this was an amazing feat.

Our donation will bring the existing building up to above window level. Whilst we were in Ghana, a meeting was held with the Headteacher and staff on the "governing body" to cost out exactly what the money would buy down the last nail and iron rod.The mason was also present. Consequently, with your help and support, we want to make this a continuing project with various fund raising events in the future.

Thank you for your support so far.